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  • Collection "Tradition"
  • Collection "Origin"

    We are using finest Perl-Loden which is made from 100% Merinowool for our scarfs. Thanks to its special weaving and the production on a very old tumbling machine, it gets a unique quality and an exceptional look. A very special compilation which combines design and the very traditional Loden.

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  • Collection "Diamond"
  • Gifts for Babies

    During the first months and years children need something to cuddle and snuggle with. Most of the time this is a cuddly cloth or a cuddly blanket. Made of 100% skin-friendly cotton and free from harmful substances, our handy designs and child-oriented motifs make cuddly blankets or cloths stand out. Our gifts for babies can be individually embroidered with the name of the baby (plus you can choose from 3 different symbols: heart, crown or shamrock), so that it becomes a very personal gift.